It’s time to rebuild a government of AR people, by AR people and FOR AR PEOPLE.

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Arkansas’s state motto is

"The People Rule"

But for too long, many of our state politicians have been operating in the shadows, prioritizing interests of the wealthy and powerful over interests of the people. They put partisanship and deep-pocket campaign donors ahead of us, the voters.

This is our state. We are fighting back.

For AR People

We fight for:

Democracy That’s Open to Everyone

An End to Political Secrets And Corruption

An End to Secrets And Corruption

Government That Does The Right Thing For All Arkansans

Join the Fight for a Better Arkansas

We’re building a stronger Arkansas by focusing on the things that unite us instead of divide us. You help every time you share our content, sign a petition, contact a legislator, make a donation and most importantly - when you vote.

For AR People

Latest News:

September 19, 2022

Issue 2: Political Power Grab

On November 8th, vote AGAINST Issue 2.  Our state motto in Arkansas is “the People Rule.” One big way Arkansans do this is with ballot initiatives—a way for the people…
September 13, 2022

INTERFORM Model Citizen: Rally and Register

For AR People is happy to announce our partnership with INTERFORM for their Model Citizen: Rally & Register event, on September 18th, 2022. This event will highlight information and opportunities…
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September 6, 2022

Does your vote really matter? Our convo with Interform’s Rochelle Bailey

Our executive director Gennie Diaz sat down with Interform's Ro on the Radio to discuss whether or not one's vote really matters. Spoiler alert: it does. "The political landscape can…
August 18, 2022

Dept Of Ed Sounds Alarm on Teacher Shortage

Arkansas can't keep teachers, but lawmakers chose tax cuts instead of educator raises. Today the Department of Ed will ask the Arkansas Legislative Council to approve emergency request to teacher licensure.…
August 10, 2022

Session at a Glance: tax cuts for rich; nada for educators

Questions about legislative tax session and raises for educators? We’ve got you covered.  What’s on the agenda for this session?  Tax cuts for Arkansas’s top earners. $150 temporary, non-refundable credit for…
July 19, 2022

Democratic Legislators Sign onto Teacher Raises; What Will GOP Caucus Do?

Today members of the Democratic caucus released a public letter in support of teacher pay raises for the upcoming special legislative session. Several members from the opposing party also expressed…
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June 30, 2022

Connect the Dots: Abortion Rates In Arkansas

News flash: banning abortion doesn't work Here at For AR People, we believe that Arkansans have the right to live happy, whole lives. Regrettably the decision to overturn Roe v.…
June 29, 2022

Ethical Arkansas? Not by a long shot. 

Arkansas pretends to be a transparent state but we're pretty crummy at it.   Senator lies about per diem, highlighting pervasive abuse of powerDespite a good ruling from Senate Ethics…
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June 4, 2022

Connect the Dots: Incarceration Rates

Research-Driven Policy Can Reduce Incarceration Rates Prison reform is a bipartisan issue that many Arkansans support; however policymakers frequently pass inadequate or harmful legislation that contributes to increased incarceration. Additionally,…
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