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July 5, 2024

53 Counties. 100,000 Signatures… And Counting.

At noon on Friday July 5th, 2024, the Arkansas Abortion Amendment stands at 53 Counties and over 100,000 signatures from all 75 counties, more than enough to qualify for the…
Connect the Dots
June 21, 2024

Recognizing Propaganda: Debunking Mary Bentley

This week, the House passed HR1003, a resolution opposing the Arkansas Abortion Amendment. The resolution was full of misinformation, propaganda, fear-mongering, and perhaps worst of all, anti-democratic sentiment. How does…
Connect the DotsLegislation
June 11, 2024

The June ’24 Special Session Preview: What to Expect

It’s all but official that the legislature will convene next week for a special session, June 17-19.  Here’s what we expect to be in the Governor’s call.  Arkansas Game and…
June 7, 2024

Statement on the Family Council’s Sharing of Canvasser Info

June 7, 2024: For AR People Condemns The Family Council’s Sharing of Canvasser Information  ARKANSAS – Yesterday, June 6, Jerry Cox of the Family Council published a full list of…

No words to express our gratitude, excitement, and joy except these:

We did it, Arkansas. All of us, together.

No one came to save us, so we rolled up our sleeves and got to work.

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Arkansas’s state motto is

"The People Rule"

But for too long, many of our state politicians have been operating in the shadows, prioritizing interests of the wealthy and powerful over interests of the people. They put partisanship and deep-pocket campaign donors ahead of us, the voters.

This is our state. We are fighting back.

For AR People

We fight for:

Democracy for All

Protect & expand our rights

Freedom For All

To live a happy, healthy life

Opportunity for All

Financial & educational security

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