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Connect the Dots
May 22, 2024

The Harm of Graphic Anti-Choice Images

Recently in Northwest Arkansas, a farmers market bustled with folks out enjoying the spring weather — families, kids, and dogs in cute bandanas. But among the crowd of happy market-goers were…
Connect the Dots
May 17, 2024

What Has State Government Done With Your Money?

Last year, we wrote a piece in the midst of the Helena-West Helena water crisis (still ongoing, by the way) asking what the state government does for folks. There’s two…
Connect the Dots
May 13, 2024

Sex education essential to reducing unplanned pregnancies

The Arkansas Department of Education is implementing a new law that requires public schools to teach one hour of adoption education to kids as young as twelve. Per to Act…
May 13, 2024

Fiscal Session Retrospective: Crypto, Pay Raises, and a Characteristic Last Minute Fumble

Whew.  We did it, Arkansas. We made it through another legislative session - we think! The last minute Game and Fish debacle really threw a wrench in the works, but…

Did you miss the Bud Cummins, attorney for Bryan Malinowski, testify in front of a congressional select subcommittee regarding the March 19 federal raid on the Malinowski home?

Read all about it at the link below!

Those anti-choice posters are back, it seems.

Today, we dive into what it is that makes graphic anti-choice protest posters so distressing.

Read more below:


On Thursday, we tried to attend the Arkansas Board of Corrections Meeting in Malvern and were told that it was not open to the public. How strange.

Read our thoughts on this at the link below!

“We need to take care of the people and the women of Arkansas.”

Thank you, @JasonIsbell, for standing up for Arkansas women + families. Bentonville, find the petition to put the #ARAbortionAmendment on the ballot at Two Friends Books. Let’s go. #arpx

📹: @benjamincody_

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