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April 12, 2024

Sarah’s First State of the State Address

Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders kicked off the fiscal session with the moment she’s been waiting for since last year. The Governor gave her first State of the State address at…
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April 11, 2024

Crypto Mining and its Impact on Arkansas Residents

As the industry grows, so do concerns over noise pollution and excessive use of resources like water and electricity What even is crypto mining?  Crypto mining involves solving complex mathematical…
April 1, 2024

Why Sarah Sanders as Trump’s VP Pick Hurts Arkansas

As the political machine for President gears up, whispers of potential vice presidential candidates for Donald Trump are beginning to circulate, and the current list includes Arkansas's Governor Sarah Huckabee…
March 14, 2024

Why AR gov targets trans + non-binary people

Under the guise of a legislative emergency, ALC members took up an administrative issue that is neither substantive nor urgent — but will hurt LGBTQ Arkansans. Earlier this week, Gov.…

We've written about this a couple times (listening to the arguments now; couldn't catch them live with all the fuss this morning!) but this will be one to watch. Good breakdown of the current landscape below


Yeah. I had mixed feelings about this, but for me, it’s important to protect the fiscal-session guardrails, else we could see them become mini-regular sessions. My votes today don’t necessarily mean I won’t support at least a few of these bills.

We're here at Joint Performance Review where committee members are presumably going to grill Dept. of Corrections regarding their hiring of outside counsel. Follow along here or watch live: #arpx #arleg

Some news out of Sevier County in SW Arkansas, from KDQN's Facebook page. The first screenshot is from April 2, and the second from about 12:50 on April 3.


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