As the political machine for President gears up, whispers of potential vice presidential candidates for Donald Trump are beginning to circulate, and the current list includes Arkansas’s Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

We’re not surprised in the least to see her name on Trump’s list of VP picks.

While some (including Sanders) may see this as an opportunity for Arkansas to gain prominence on the national stage, a closer examination reveals pitfalls for the state.

Sanders is of course known for her staunch loyalty to former President Donald Trump. And during her first year as Governor, many of her proposals and political stunts reflect this loyalty. Her administration’s policies have catered to a national audience and Trump’s interests rather than the needs of Arkansas.

Our state is grappling with a range of pressing issues, from healthcare and education to economic development and infrastructure, but Sanders has kept her eye on the national stage instead of trying to solve our problems.

From the start of her tenure, Sanders has largely ignored effective solutions and instead used Arkansas as a stomping stone to that national stage, looking to be at Trump’s side and further polarizing an already divided Arkansas.

Just over a year in to her position, Sanders has already managed to fracture the state’s GOP party and ostracize conservatives who knew and respected her father. She’s hamstrung public education, picked countless (and pointless) fights, and failed to understand the needs of our state. Her choices and rhetoric have used our state as a pawn to garner political points at the national level.

If Sanders makes it past the first few rounds of vetting, we guarantee she will double down on culture war nonsense instead of helping the state. What follows will be more attention on Sanders’ national profile while casting a shadow over Arkansas.

Our residents will be sidelined and forgotten in the service of her political ambitions. We’ve already seen the consequences of her opportunism at the national level well before her name was mentioned as a potential running mate.

At least former Governor Hutchinson had the grace to finish out both terms.

As the vetting process for Trump’s VP pick continues, Arkansans must carefully consider what qualities and values they want in their elected leaders. While Sanders’ selection may bring temporary visibility to the state, it’s crucial to assess whether her priorities align with Arkansans’ and whether her track record reflects a commitment to serving the best interests of our neighbors across the state.

While the final VP selection rests with Trump, the voters of Arkansas will have the chance to determine our state’s future. It’s essential for Arkansans to have leaders who prioritize the state’s interests above personal agendas.