1912 Arkansas State Flag Competition entries, Arkansas State Archives, Little Rock, Arkansas.

Democracy for All

In Arkansas, our state motto is The People Rule. But some politicians would rather it be “we rule the people.” In 2021, our legislature prioritized bills that threatened our democracy, and some will likely try again. But with your help, we can have #DemocracyForAll.

  • Through a Voter Bill of Rights
  • Through direct democracy
  • Through true representation
  • Though government accountability
  • Though people-powered change

Freedom for All

We know that Arkansans care about personal freedom, but some members of our legislature are actively working to restrict those freedoms. They pass legislation that puts our communities at risk, and lobby for government interference in our personal healthcare decisions. But if we work together, we can ensure #FreedomForAll.

  • To be healthy
  • To have bodily autonomy
  • To have safe, quality housing
  • To be safe from gun violence

Opportunity for All

Every Arkansan deserves to live a happy and healthy life, but some politicians are leaving us behind. They pass tax cuts for corporations while everyday Arkansans struggle just to get by. They work hard to divert funding from public schools instead of focusing on bettering our education system. But our legislators work for us, and with your help, we can ensure #OpportunityForAll.

  • For a world-class public education
  • For financial security
  • For investment in our rural communities

Join the Fight for a Better Arkansas

We’re building a stronger Arkansas by focusing on the things that unite us instead of divide us. You help every time you share our content, sign a petition, contact a legislator, make a donation and most importantly - when you vote.