Every two years, our state lawmakers convene for a fiscal session. Because of Covid, 2020 fiscal session was quite different than past years. Thankfully, we’re expecting a standard session this year. Fiscal session determines the Arkansas budget for the following year (2023). Regarding its timeline, session could last a month, but we’re expecting the legislature to wrap up in around two weeks. Here’s what to look for in the Governor’s budget proposal:

  • Police salary increases
  • State prison expansion
  • Funding for people with disabilities

Differences between Fiscal and General Session

Fiscal Session is limited to bills pertaining to the budget. Any bills outside the budget must have 2/3 vote in both chambers to move forward with a resolution. The deadline for resolutions outside the scope of the budget is end of day today: Monday, February 14th. Below you will see all pre-filed resolutions. Some deal with topics like Public School programs, retirement plans, etc. So far there are no resolutions that diverge from the task at hand, like a Texas heartbeat bill.

How we keep track of session

As always, we will be keeping you informed via our Twitter feed with live updates. Be sure to give us and On AR Watch a follow so that you stay in know. The House and Senate will convene today at 12p.m. and will hold a joint budget session at 12:30p.m. to hear from Gov. Asa Hutchinson.

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