As of 2pm today, the Pulaski County Election Commission reports there are 4,773 uncounted ballots undergoing review.

Here’s what we know:

  • 1200 of these ballots were rejected by the ballot machine. Like a crumpled or torn dollar bill in a vending machine, the ballot machine would not accept these ballots. They must be re-cast and re-printed. These ballots will COUNT.
  • Of the remaining ballots, there are a number of possible hold-ups, including:
    • Ballots that need a photocopy ID in order to count (these can be fixed if the county notifies voters in time for them to send valid ID)
    • Ballots that do not have a photocopy ID but include a voter verification signature, which count
    • Ballots that come in with voters statements and/or ballot applications that include missing or mismatched information

Pulaski County Election Commissioners are going through each ballot individually to determine eligibility.

For AR People has submitted requests to the Pulaski County Election Commission to provide a list of these voters so we may contact them if ID submission is needed.

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