Arkansas Taxpayer Pays the Price for Hate

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The Next Cultural Battle: States Take Aim at Trans Athletes

Arkansas lawmakers seem hellbent on spending our taxpayer dollars. On what? Court fees. This legislative session, Arkansas, along with other states, have passed legislation that would ban transgender girls from playing sports. With a slue of issues plaguing our state, transgender girls competing is not at the top of the list, so why move forward with this legislation?

Arkansans have the right to representation by lawmakers that will work towards solving their problems, not solutions in search of problems peddled by outside groups who wrote this legislation. People who don’t live here, who don’t know the ins and outs of Arkansas, are determining how we live. Our legislators are more than willing to let them do this.

Elected Leaders spend Taxpayer $$ for Personal Gain

Leslie Rutledge stands for hate
Leslie Rutledge, eager to spend more public money to defend hate and further her career

Regardless of how you feel about this issue, we can all agree that this will cost us BIG time — and elected officials are willing to spend your hard-earned tax money on it. Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge, is a little too eager. 

“Here is my message to President Biden if he decides to sue the State of Arkansas to stop us from implementing the GIRLS Act which protects the opportunities of our young girls: Bring it on, Biden! I will wholeheartedly defend and win to ensure girls in Arkansas have a fair playing field to succeed.”

Rutledge is no stranger to spending public funds for her own agenda. Earlier this year, taxpayers filed a lawsuit against her for spending state money to further her political career. The suit shines light on the fact that she spent $1.7 million of state money in fiscal 2020 for an advertising campaign that featured her. This is clearly an abuse of power, and she will continue to do it to further herself. Spending your money on lawsuits doesn’t phase her.

Arkansas Hurts while Lawmakers Spend

The 2021 General Assembly proved one thing: our lawmakers are willing, excited even, to spend our money to further their partisan standings. What’s worse is that they’re targeting our most vulnerable citizens to do so. It’s clear that the legislature doesn’t care about the people they represent.

Our leaders allow outside groups to come in and dictate how our state runs. They allow for millions of your dollars to be spent on pointless fights. We could avoid lawsuits, but our elected officials have something to prove, and it’s not to Arkansas.