Arkansans are connecting the dots that lead to Sanders being a possible running mate for a presidential ticket alongside Virginia Governor Glenn Youngkin.

If you’re not living under a rock, you’ve likely heard about #podiumgate, the scandalous purchase of a $19,000 lectern by the Governor’s Office that is being audited in the coming weeks and has sparked massive scrutiny by Arkansans on all sides of the aisle. Now, a whistleblower has come forward claiming to have evidence that proves the Governor’s Office tampered with public records and refused to release others to taxpayers.

The emerging rumor related to the real use of the $19,000 from taxpayers is something about a trip to Europe back in June. Sanders traveled to Europe for a trade mission trip. While there, she visited the Paris Air Show. 

As we’ve previously reported, two women close to Sanders, Virginia Beckett and Hannah Salem Stone, were in Paris at the same time. They have worked closely with Youngkin, and now we have evidence that Youngkin and Sanders were in Paris together at the airshow. 

Major hat tip to independent journalist Suzi Parker of South Arkansas Reckoning for doing a lot of this digging.

A dynamic duo?

The emerging rumor of a Youngkin-Sanders GOP ticket comes as that party’s debate stages are in complete disarray. The squabbling is pretty pointless, though, as Trump is still in the lead by double digits.

The hope of a Youngkin-Sanders ticket would be to sweep in with a third option, strategically paired up and ready to go. Youngkin has been a rumored presidential candidate for a while, and seems to be lowkey campaigning despite any denial from his camp.

Having Sanders on his ticket potentially provides a path to the nomination for Youngkin. At least, that’s the angle Sanders will be taking as she tries to earn the spot, which would likely appease MAGA extremists. Don’t forget how she’s failed to endorse Trump for the GOP nomination. Many wonder if this is the reason why.

The Arkansas Democrat Gazette’s John Brummett called Youngkin the “card up the sleeve of rich conservative-insider donors who do not like Trump or believe he can win the general election.” It makes sense that Sanders would vie to be next to him, and more and more are realizing that possibility.

What this means for Arkansas

It has never been more apparent that Sarah Huckabee Sanders has her sights set beyond the Natural State. We’ve talked about this for a while—her policy moves have national political rhetoric written all over them.

Arkansans lose when we have a Governor who is less interested in improving Arkansans’ lives than improving her position on the national stage. We’re just a stomping stone for her.