End the Extremism. Bring Back Decency in Democracy.

After yesterday’s disturbing events at the US Capitol, For AR People is calling on Arkansas state leaders to hold state politicians accountable whose divisive language fuels violence and extremism. For AR People is also launching the  #ARDecentDemocracy campaign, inviting Arkansans to commit to ending venomous partisan rhetoric and bringing back decency in democracy.

We all want our voices to be heard. The appropriate forum is the electoral process. Regrettably, several state legislators degraded the very process they are sworn to uphold by fueling hate-filled, divisive rhetoric. Our state leaders must not only denounce yesterday’s national events but call out colleagues who divide us further by peddling disinformation and radical language.

We applaud our state leaders who cut through the partisan vitriol. Former State Senator Bruce Maloch wrote, “Today was a sad day for our country. Everyone should condemn the acts of insurrection and sedition against our government, without qualification… A lie is still a lie even if everyone believes it. Join me in praying for our country.” Arkansas State Senate Pro Tempore Jim Hendren  tweeted on Jan 2, “I hope someday history hammers those who put ambition above the Republic. So many have bled and died for democracy and to defeat authoritarianism and tyranny.”

Unless our state leaders publicly stand against such rhetoric, self-serving extremists will continue to abase our democracy. Arkansans deserve better from its leaders, and For AR People demands better of our leaders.

Our goal is to fight extremist rhetoric, bring back people-first democracy and push for responsible, good governance. Our AR Decency in Democracy Manifesto:

For AR People calls on individual Arkansans and state leaders to sign our manifesto and share it widely along with the hashtag #ARDecentDemocracy. We will shape a stronger, fairer Arkansas that works for everyone by coming together, not tearing one another apart.


About For AR People: Arkansas’s state motto is “The People Rule.” But for too long, many of our state politicians have been operating in the shadows, prioritizing the interests of the wealthy and powerful over interests of the people. They put partisanship and deep-pocket campaign donors ahead of us, the voters.

This is our state. We are fighting back.For AR People is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advances a responsible democracy in Arkansas by educating the public about issues that impact our daily lives and holding politicians accountable. We provide opportunities for Arkansans to speak up for their values like transparency and accountability in state government and build a stronger state that works for everyone.