Bill would simplify the absentee ballot application and canvassing processes.

You may remember the post-election mayhem regarding absentee ballot counting in Pulaski County. The PCEC’s struggles with the absentee process left election officials, voters and the public glaringly aware of Arkansas’ absentee voting shortcomings.

Thankfully, Sen. Clarke Tucker has introduced SB217, which would simplify the cumbersome absentee ballot process. The bill is comprehensive, covering everything from the language on the application itself to canvassing standards set forth by the State Board of Election Commissioners.

For AR People is thrilled to see such a forward-thinking bill that would make absentee voting simpler, clearer and more accessible for Arkansans.

SB217 highlights:

  • Would require easily readable language on the voter materials
  • Would require consistency and clarity of voter materials
  • Would require consistency and clarity on the canvassing process

Why we love it:

  • INCLUSIVE of any voter who votes absentee
  • requires ACCESSIBLE, PLAIN LANGUAGE so voters will be less confused by absentee voting
  • CLARIFIES a cumbersome process that keeps votes from being counted

Senator Tucker’s bill has assigned to the Senate Committee on State Agencies and Governmental Affairs. Keep track of where it stands over on our Voter Rights Bill Tracker.