Lanny Fite Runs Legislation to Roll Back State’s 2019 Solar Gains and Tie Hands of Public Service Commission 

Last legislative session, lawmakers passed the Solar Access Act, propelling Arkansas into a national frontrunner for solar projects. The Act was met with broad bipartisan support, and in the last two years, our state has reaped immense benefits from the Act. Churches, schools, and small businesses have benefited from the expansion. Cities, counties, and consumers have all seen the value behind it and helped contribute to the state’s solar boom. It’s clear that the Act has brought Arkansas into the clean-energy century. Why would one lawmaker work so hard to demolish the gains we’ve made? 

Fite Fights for Solar Rollbacks

Representative Lanny Fite is working hard to get rid of the solar gains Arkansas made in 2019. Fite is running HB1787– a complete roll back of the Solar Access Act of 2019. HB1787 removes the incentives for solar consumers, namely net-metering, which allows for consumers to sell back their power to utility companies. The bill would also usurp power away from the Public Service Commission, whose job it is to regulate Utility and ensure energy consumers aren’t slapped with high rates.

HB1787 is a legislative train wreck for two big reasons:

1. It harms Arkansas’ economy and consumers

2. It overrides the power of the PSC, the only regulatory body we have that protects consumers from monopolies

Why it Matters to Arkansans 

Maybe you’re wondering what gutting the Act has to do with you, especially if you’re not a solar owner. If Fite’s legislation passes, many of our cities and counties would take a hit. Both Northwest Arkansas and Central Arkansas jumped on the solar bandwagon after the Governor signed the Act. More and more municipalities across Arkansas are looking to solar to generate sustainable, clean energy for their residents and cost benefits to their budgets. In addition, the Act garnered a wide array of support from big business. Gutting the Act would jeopardize millions of investment dollars in projects for Arkansas

So why does Representative Fite hate solar and the incredible benefit it’s brought to our communities across the state? Who knows what’s propelling Fite to roll back the state’s gains. What we do know is that Representative Fite works for you, the people of Arkansas. He’s beholden to your feedback on legislation he pushes, not the interests of big utility companies. Let Lanny Fite know how you feel about his legislation to gut solar. 

Rep. Fite’s bill is up in House Committee this morning (Wed, March 31st). You can also contact members of the committee and ask them to vote no on Fite’s bill. Preserving the Act is a win for residents, businesses, and towns all around the Natural State.