We here at For AR People believe in the power of good governance and people’s personal freedoms to make their own healthcare choices. Arkansas’ current abortion laws are the exact opposite of good governance and give state legislators unacceptable control over individual liberties.

With these issues in mind, For AR People has decided to partner with individuals across the state of Arkansas to form a ballot question committee dedicated to putting abortion on the ballot in Arkansas in 2024. Our official press release is below and we’ll obviously have more to say in the coming weeks, but here’s the key facts.

  1. The amendment would protect the freedom to make these deeply personal healthcare decisions within 18 weeks of conception, in cases of rape or incest, in the event of a fatal fetal anomaly, or when the pregnant female’s life or health is in danger.
  2. We will need your support: please spread the word, volunteer, donate, and pledge to sign the petition.
  3. You can find out more information about the ballot question, the committee, and why we believe government shouldn’t intrude into the exam room at ARLiberty.org.


November 27, 2023


Gennie Diaz, Executive Director, For AR People 


Sam Watson, Content Director, For AR People 

[email protected]

New Ballot Question Committee to advocate for passage of The Arkansans Reproductive Healthcare Amendment

Arkansans for Limited Government in support of constitutional amendment to limit government interference in personal healthcare decisions

LITTLE ROCK — For AR People announces the formation of Arkansans for Limited Government, a ballot question committee (BQC) in support of the Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment. 

Government overreach is killing Arkansas women. The Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment, a proposed constitutional amendment currently before the Attorney General, would limit government interference in the personal healthcare decisions of Arkansans.

Arkansas is the most dangerous state in the country for pregnant women and girls, with a maternal mortality rate twice the national average. Fifty percent of Arkansas counties have limited or no access to maternity care services. This is a healthcare emergency for our state; Arkansas’s total abortion ban, which prohibits access to lifesaving healthcare for women, has worsened the crisis by preventing doctors from providing necessary care. The Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment will restore personal liberty, permit doctors to properly care for patients, and make our state safer and healthier for everyone.

“When it comes to personal healthcare, Arkansans know what’s best for their families, and the state shouldn’t pretend to play ‘doctor’ or know better,” said Hershey Garner, Chair of Arkansans for Limited Government and a spokesperson for the group. “These matters are deeply personal and should be between an individual and their medical provider.”

Specifically, The Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment will prevent the state from restricting access to abortion within 18 weeks of conception, in cases of rape or incest, in the event of a fatal fetal anomaly, or when abortion is needed to protect the pregnant female’s life or health. 

“Doctors and patients are the only decision-making team needed for families to make healthcare decisions that allow them to flourish in Arkansas,” said Jim McHugh, Treasurer for Arkansans for Limited Government. “The influence of politicians in the most personal, and often the most devastating, moments of Arkansans’ lives must end.” 

For more information on Arkansans for Limited Government and how the public can support passage of the Arkansas Reproductive Healthcare Amendment, visit ARliberty.org

About Arkansans for Limited Government: AFLG is led by Hershey Garner, MD, JD (Chair), a board-certified physician, attorney, and native Arkansan with nearly 40 years of experience as a medical provider. Jim McHugh, JD, serves as Treasurer and is licensed to practice law in 14 states where he helps families hold nursing homes accountable for neglecting and abusing the elderly. For AR People, a nonprofit grassroots advocacy group that advocates for good governance and forward-thinking policy, serves as an organizational member. 

About For AR People: For AR People is a nonprofit organization that advances a responsible democracy in Arkansas by educating the public about issues that impact our daily lives. We provide opportunities for Arkansans to speak up for their values, like transparency and accountability in state government, and build a stronger state that works for everyone.


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