Responsible Arkansans, including gun owners, support gun reform. But Arleg cares more about power than people.

Every Arkansan deserves the freedom to be safe from gun violence—especially our kids. But our state lawmakers, specifically those in the majority, want more guns in the hands of more people. Legislators could be working to protect Arkansans from gun violence, but they aren’t. Instead members are hot for expanding access to guns in our state, like:

  • putting guns in our parks, town baseball fields, soccer fields and rec buildings 
  • putting guns in the hands of convicts 
  • putting guns in the hands of EMTs
  • putting guns in the hands of county employees 
  • preventing the state from enforcing federal bans on guns
  • preventing the state from enforcing federal manufacturing laws for guns
  • allowing gun owners to stand their ground without duty to retreat 
  • putting guns in places previously banned across Arkansas
  • mandating private business to allow guns on premises

We’ve have had enough; we’re tired of mass shootings and gun violence. We are tired of watching children die. And Arkansans know it will continue to happen if nothing changes at the state level. Our leaders have a duty to do everything in their power to protect our children from senseless and preventable killings, but lawmakers care more about an A+ NRA rating than saving lives.

Hours after Uvalde, gun-lobby fawning lawmakers tried to distract from their failure to protect us. They rehashed tired, asinine proposals, like arming teachers and putting more guns into our schools. We reject their distractions and demand real action.  

The only meaningful difference between America and other countries when it comes to gun violence is the guns. Here in the United States, it’s harder to adopt a pet than it is to acquire a semi-automatic weapon. Other countries have similar rates of mental illness, but they don’t have a free flow of weapons of carnage like we have endured for so long.     

93rd General Assembly Gun Bills:

SB24: Stand Your Ground; allows gun owners to stand their ground without requiring the duty to retreat 

SB306: Allows guns in parks 

HB1390: Establishes Arkansas as a second amendment sanctuary state

HB1435 + SB298: Arkansas Sovereignty Act declaring that federal law are null and void in regard to constitution

HB1556: Allows firearms on public land 

HB1957: Prohibits state officials from enforcing federal bans on firearms

SB59: Makes it illegal for state agents to enforce federal laws on guns made in the state

SB297: Allows a person convicted of a nonviolent crime to own a firearm 10 years after they have served their time and paid their fines

Let’s listen to Arkansas students, educators, and parents who are demanding common-sense gun laws to prevent violence in our schools and communities. We need universal background checks. We need safe storage laws. We need to provide funding for counseling for our students and our educators.   

Responsible Arkansans, including gun owners, are behind these solutions. The will of the people to end gun violence should matter more than Arleg’s commitment to power and profit.  Find your lawmaker and contact them today. Demand meaningful change to protect the lives of Arkansans.