Head to the polls ballot-ready and aware of your rights.

We bet you’ve never voted during a pandemic. When you vote in person, you’ll notice the precautions your site has taken to ensure the safety of voters. These precautions — like using a stylus pen instead of your hands on the voting machine—are in effect to protect Arkansans from Covid-19. But despite these safeguards, it is critical voters know they are still entitled to certain rights when casting their ballots. 

One voter in Pulaski county reported not being able to vote for her presidential candidate of choice. At 87 years old, she was unaware she could scroll to a second page to view more presidential choices. There were no poll workers were nearby to assist her because of distancing requirements. This voter was also unaware she had the right to request a paper ballot instead of the touchscreen machine.

Most county clerk offices are doing their best to help voters during a global pandemic. However, knowing your rights before heading to the polls is more important than ever. Here’s what you have the right to when casting your ballot: 

Your rights as an Arkansas voter

    • You have the right to an accessible polling place and voting machine.
    • You have the right to help from a poll worker. You also may bring one person to assist you. 
    • If you are in line by the time your site closes, you have the right to vote.


Additionally, if a poll worker says you’re not on their voter list, you can still cast a provisional ballot. If your county requires you to vote at a particular location, confirm you are in the correct place. If you are at the right place but a worker can’t verify your info, you can still cast a provisional ballot.

Does your name differ from the name on the voter registration list? You must update the county voter registration records but you are still allowed to vote. 

If someone challenges your right to vote, ASSERT YOUR RIGHT. If the poll worker will not accept your vote and you are voting early, leave and seek assistance. If it is Election Day, you can seek help and/or cast a provisional ballot. 

To report a challenge to your right to vote, or for questions about your voting rights, call our voter protection hotline at (501) 683-9483.