Through a coalition of, the National Lawyers’ Guild – AR and the Young Black Lawyers Organizing Coalition (YBLOC), we created a campaign to spread the word on how to correctly complete absentee ballots and navigate the in-person voting process.

The workshop is calledBe Prepared to Vote and can be delivered in person or via zoom. It will cover who can vote, how to vote (in-person and with mail-in ballot), how to report voter suppression, etc. Once your church or community organization is assigned an advisor for the workshop, the advisor will serve as your liaison and provide voter education materials, answer questions, host office hours, etc.

The Young Black Lawyers Organizing Coalition was founded by a cohort of NYU Law grads who grew up in Memphis and Texas and have ties to Arkansas.  They are dedicated to building a movement around black voter protection and are working in tandem with NAACP and the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights Under Law (Lawyers’ Committee), also based out of DC. 

We are looking to engage voters between now and November 1 in order to ensure we reach the most amount of people before Election Day.

If your church or community organization would like to have one of these workshops, the following information will need to be sent to Anna-Lee Pittman at [email protected]. Please understand that we will need a few days’ notice to make sure we have someone available, so the sooner we have this information, the better!

  • Day and time
  • Organization, and location
  • Whether they have a zoom link or whether we will need to provide that
  • A name, email and phone number of a contact at the organization