Volunteer to be a Poll Watcher!

By September 29, 2020No Comments

In a democracy, fair and free access to the ballot box however you get there is fundamental. During the 2020 election cycle, more than ever before, we must protect every citizen’s right to vote. To do this, we need VOLUNTEERS just like you to join our voter protection team – trained volunteers who will help ensure voting happens freely and fairly across Arkansas. 

The obstacles that can prevent legal voting are varied and many – circumstances like long waits at the precinct, at-home ballot issues, clerical errors by the county clerk, misunderstandings about voter ID laws, or even language barriers.  We all know that every election has its share of problems. In addition, 2020 has presented new challenges that include the COVID-19 pandemic, unprecedented partisanship and conflicting messages about voting procedures.  No matter political party affiliations, the November 3rd election will require more oversight to assure every voter has the right to cast their ballot and be heard. 

Will you please consider joining our team?  For AR People is a nonpartisan group of Arkansans, who believe that whether you vote early, vote by mail, or cast your ballot on Election Day, every vote must be counted. 

What do we need? 

  • POLL WATCHERS. A poll watcher closely monitors election administration and reports issues to our Voter Protection Hotline. 
  • LAWYERS for our boiler room to take calls about issues at polling locations.

No experience? No problem! The steps are easy to learn. And we have plenty of easy to access training materials and people who will help lead you every step of the way. You can play a big part in ensuring legitimacy in America’s most important tradition: free and fair elections.

We hope you will consider signing up with the form below.  Questions before you sign up?  Please email Anna-Lee Pittman at [email protected] to learn more.