October 18, 2021

Contact: Gennie Diaz 

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Petition Against Arleg’s New Congressional Map

LITTLE ROCK – In response to Arleg’s move to dilute Pulaski county’s Black and Brown voting blocs, For AR People calls on Arkansas voters to protest Arleg’s racially-gerrymandered congressional map. 

On Sunday, a group of concerned state leaders published an ad in the Democrat-Gazette, asking the Department of Justice to investigate Arkansas’s newly-drawn congressional map. The letter argues partisan politics drove state leaders to disenfranchise voters of color, and that Arleg is “unmoved by the racially discriminatory impact of its actions.” The letter declares the map “wrong and illegal.” 

For AR People wholeheartedly agrees with the letter’s sentiment. Consequently, we have launched a petition, asking Arkansas voters to add their names to the letter in protest of Arleg’s wrong and illegal map. 

Letter to Attorney General Merrick Garland in Sunday’s Democrat-Gazette

“Arleg’s dilution of Pulaski’s Black and Brown political power is shameful,” said Gennie Diaz, For AR People’s spokesperson. “Our state motto is ‘The People Rule,’ but it seems like current leaders do not believe this. In our state, voters pick their leaders. It shouldn’t be the other way around.” 

No matter what a person looks like, their voice and vote should matter. For AR People calls on Arkansas voters around the state to stand up for fair representation and stand against disenfranchisement of historically-oppressed communities. If you believe in fairness and decency in the democratic process, sign the petition.

Ad in Dem-Gaz

About For AR People: Arkansas’s state motto is “The People Rule.” But for too long, many of our state politicians have been operating in the shadows, prioritizing the interests of the wealthy and powerful over interests of the people. They put partisanship and deep-pocket campaign donors ahead of us, the voters.

This is our state. We are fighting back.

For AR People is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that advances a responsible democracy in Arkansas by educating the public about issues that impact our daily lives and holding politicians accountable. We provide opportunities for Arkansans to speak up for their values—like transparency and accountability in state government—and build a stronger state that works for everyone.