June 7, 2024: For AR People Condemns The Family Council’s Sharing of Canvasser Information 

ARKANSAS – Yesterday, June 6, Jerry Cox of the Family Council published a full list of the names and hometowns of canvassers paid by Arkansans for Limited Government to collect signatures for the Arkansas Abortion Amendment. For AR People is a member of AFLG and dedicated to combating extremism in Arkansas in all forms, and we condemn this extremism. 

Make no mistake: this is an attempt to intimidate the brave Arkansans collecting signatures and the reasonable citizens who wish to sign the petition. This opens the door for serious harassment and potential violence. For AR People cannot see any legitimate reason to widely publish canvassers’ names and hometowns.

These tactics are not unique for the extremists trying to limit healthcare access in Arkansas. Intimidation and fear have always been in their playbook. They hate sex education, despite the fact it’s a proven way to reduce abortions. Flying further in the face of actual pro-life policy, the Family Council supported an initiated statute that would ban adoption by unmarried or non-heterosexual couples. They have consistently supported policy that harms Arkansas families by limiting and removing the right to make personal healthcare decisions.

They are hypocrites to their core.

Fortunately, AFLG canvassers are well-trained, courageous, and will not stop in their efforts to restore access to reproductive healthcare in the state. They will not be intimidated, and For AR People will continue to comprehensively support their efforts as best we can. 

We call on Arkansans to see this for what it is: an attack on the democratic process, an invitation to harass AFLG’s canvassers, and a strategy that is deeply contrary to the values of our state. 

Sign the petition, Arkansas, and do not let the small-minded and immoral Family Council intimidate you into giving up your right to be heard. 


Samuel Watson, FARP Content Director 

[email protected]