Connecting policy to Arkansans’ lives

Generally speaking, many Arkansans are unaware of how government impacts their daily lives. When government is working, we don’t really notice— and that’s not bad. Good government operates like an invisible infrastructure, keeping us safe, healthy and thriving. But if we don’t really notice when policy works (or doesn’t), we can take it for granted.

We benefit from good government and good policy everyday. Conversely, bad government and bad policy can cause everyday harm. That’s why we’re staring a series called CONNECT THE DOTS. This feature will break issues down, showing Arkansans how big-picture policy impacts families, businesses and communities.

Unfamiliar with how state and local level decisions affect your life? Consider these positive policy provisions:

  • Not losing your job when you get sick
  • Your kiddos getting free lunch at school
  • Having some basic income when you retire
  • Qualifying for a loan to start a small business
  • Driving over a bridge and not worrying it will crumble 
  • Going to college after getting out of military 
  • Getting some tax money back when you send your toddler to daycare
  • Receiving insurance even though you have diabetes 
  • Getting physical therapy for your elderly parent after a fall
  • Watching your local high school football team on TV
  • Feeling safe in your neighborhood

“We have been continually told that government is inefficient, ineffective, corrupt, oppressive, overly expensive, and bad for business… it is not news when government works well, only when it fails. So news stories focus on policy blunders, government waste, and corrupt politicians. When is the last time that you heard something positive about government in the media – something about how government is working to improve people’s lives?” -Professor Douglas J. Amy

Stay tuned for our first CONNECT THE DOTS breakdown where we will tackle our first policy issue: crime.