We believe in our state motto, The People Rule. Above all else, the people rule through our right to vote. But last year, our legislature was hellbent on denying certain Arkansans this right. They passed law after law that would make it harder for some to cast their vote. We got loud about it, warning Arkansans that these laws were unconstitutional and anti-democratic. Arkansas’s sixth circuit court agrees: recently, a judge struck down four anti-voting laws, citing their unconstitutionality (Acts 249, 728, 736, and 973).

“In the judicial sphere you don’t prove something is illegal just because you’re afraid something might happen. That’s speculation.”

Pulaski County Circuit Judge Wendell Griffen

Anti-voter laws

  • Act 249 – removes the option for voters to sign a voter statement
  • Act 728 – prohibits any non-voter from being within 100ft from a polling location
  • Act 736 – prohibits unsolicited absentee ballot application mail campaigns
  • Act 973 – moves the deadline to turn in absentee ballots up to the Friday before Election Day
Group gathers at the Capitol to protest anti-voting laws

Get Loud & Save AR Democracy Rally, April 6, 2021.

Pro-voting organizations take a stand

The winning lawsuit was filed in May of 2021 by the League of Women Voters of Arkansas, Arkansas United, and Democracy Docket, a leading voting rights advocacy group. These organizations came together to fight anti-voting laws because they believe in our unfettered right to vote. When the suit was filed, we stood with them. Now we celebrate their win. Voting should never be cumbersome or daunting. Arkansans should be able to cast their vote without fear of it being tossed out.

Want to get involved? Follow us and learn how you can do your part to make Arkansas fairer and stronger. Get loud– volunteer to register voters. Sign up to knock on doors. Learn who your reps are and what they fight for. Run for office. And lastly, hold your leaders accountable at the ballot box. Because in Arkansas, the people rule.