The cornerstone of our democracy is our right to vote, and casting a ballot in America should never be daunting. Yet here in Arkansas, our elected officials would rather certain people not make their voice heard. Recently we reported that Democracy Docket, a leading national voting rights advocacy group, had joined forces with the League of Women Voters of Arkansas and Arkansas United. Together they filed suit against Arkansas for its new voter suppression laws.

The current fight for Arkansas voters continues after a lengthy statement released by Attorney General, Leslie Rutledge.

Elected to Work For, Not Against Voters

Leslie Rutledge Speaking
Arkansas Attorney General Leslie Rutledge

In a 25 page statement, Rutledge came down hard on the lawsuit. She, along with state lawyers, call for the suit’s dismissal, claiming there is no evidence that the laws will harm voters. The statement was aimed at Wendell Griffen, the Judge assigned to the case.

Rutledge has the power to protect Arkansans and their rights. However she’s using her position and power to dismantle our standings and spend our hard-earned tax dollars along the way. Rather than speaking in favor of the suit, she’s instilling distrust our electoral and political systems.

Anti-Voter Laws in Question

voting day
With new election laws on the books, voter education is crucial for the upcoming election cycle.
  • Act 249 – removes the option for voters to sign a voter statement; 100% voter ID
  • Act 728 – prohibits any non-voter from being within 100ft from a polling location, even volunteers, kids, etc.
  • Act 736 – prohibits unsolicited absentee ballot application mail campaigns
  • Act 973 – moves the deadline to turn in absentee ballots up to the Friday before Election Day

Together, We Will Overcome

Group gathers at the Capitol to protest anti-voting laws
Get Loud & Save AR Democracy Rally, April 6, 2021.

For AR People is thrilled to see national groups like Democracy Docket stepping up to fight for the rights of every Arkansas Voter. Additionally we’re committed to defending your access to the polls. Together with your help and in partnership with other groups, we:

Moreover, we stand with the League of Women Voters of Arkansas, Arkansas United and Democracy Docket in their fight to save AR votes. We are invested in showing Arkansans that their voices matter.

So you want to get involved? Follow us and learn how you can do your part to make Arkansas fairer and stronger. Get loud– volunteer to register votersSign up to knock on doorsLearn who your reps are and what they fight for. Run for office. And lastly hold your leaders accountable at the ballot box. Because in Arkansas, the people rule.